Wednesday, 31 August 2011

September KDJ Meetup!

Tomorrow it will be another month and you know what that means, Kimono de Jack meetup time.

We are back in London people for the 3rd annual Japan Matsuri which has moved from Spitalfield Market to the Riverside Building.

Last year's Matsuri was brilliant, with lots of stalls to spend money and free tasters on various alcohol beverages. Not that I'm encouraging drinking by the way, I'm just saying that if you like trying new stuff then it is a must!

Another big change to Japan Matsuri apart from the location is the date. This time the event will be on a Sunday rather then a Saturday so I'm afraid I will not be able to attend because of the long train journey (3.5 hours!) but we have plenty of kimono wearers closer to London who will be attending so if you are planning to come then let us know!

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  1. Hope whoever attended the matsuri today had a great time! I finally had the opportunity to go this year but the fact they've moved the location to an outdoor venue and the unpredictable British weather made me wuss out :p Hope there will be a write-up and pictures posted soon!