Sunday, 7 August 2011

Birmingham Botanical Garden KDJ meetup

So it is summertime and that only means one thing, PICNIC!

Actually picnics are a dangerous affair to plan in the UK because of the unpredictable weather and although we had a poor start in the morning, by early afternoon the sun came out for us.

We had a small turnout of four people with one of them being a new face. It is always nice to meetup with other kimono lover so say hello to our newbie!

As normal, we all turned up with too much food but it is always better to have too much food.

And although the real Lyuba couldn't join us, her little kokeshi doll could and here she is eyeing up a huge piece of sushi. You can make up the the caption if you like.

After a very long lunch where we all pigged out, it was time to work off our lunch with a good walk in the garden. As we were walking around the garden we noticed that we were not the only ones out. There were a lot of bees, busy collecting the nectar from all the flowers.

We couldn't visit the a garden without seeing the Japanese garden where I hope they had a particular bamboo water feature or as one of us called it "the bamboo bongy thing" but they didn't but they had a nice bonsai collection. I don't think I have the patience to tend to one.

Something that was surprising to see was a male peacock!

He didn't find any of us attractive so no peacock display.

So despite the low turnout we all had a fun time! Oh here is a picture of what you can do in a kimono if you are feeling very childish.

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