Tuesday, 21 September 2010

First Kimono de Jack in London

Kimono de Jack events are becoming more and more popular in Japan, spreading from Kyoto to Tokyo and other prefectures. But Japan is not the only one country that could have de Jack, after all the essence of Kimono de Jack is to create more reasons to wear kimono for kimono lovers.

The  very first Kimono de Jack in United Kingdom will be held on October 23rd in London. There are no rules, no obligation to stay. It is encouraged to wear a kimono to the meet up, after all, the event is created as a reason to wear kimono. But if you don't have one, do not despair. Come anyway and enjoy the day.

October 23rd, 2010

Trafalgar Square, London

11:00 - ?

What to do: 
Possibly visit the museums at the Square, get a cup of tea of coffee, and enjoy the company of fellow kimono lovers. 


  1. This would be a good opportunity for you all to visit the Japanese section of the British Museum! Unfortunately I can't come this time, but will be at the next one! :)

  2. Totally! :) :) Thank you for suggestion :) I've been wanting to go to British Museum for quite some time now. :)

  3. Just found a nice Japanese Restaurant near Piccadilly Circus call SO Restaurant. It is open on a Saturday and we can book online.

    There is also suppose to be a 40% if we make a booking online although I am not sure if the website is working.

  4. Kitty Kanzashi, that is a very good idea :) I can book now, but the only problem is we don't know how many people will come. We can do 3 because so far 3 people are coming for sure?

  5. I think we should wait a bit longer. Maybe when it is closer to the time we can create an itinerary of what we plan to do for the day.

  6. And maybe we can find out if more people are coming :) :) :) You know there is a Fan Museum in London, and the admission price is pretty reasonable. I think it would be fun to go look at fans while wearing kimono :)

  7. do you plan on coming to the United States? I want to attend the kimono de jack event but I can't travel overseas right now on my tight budget. I'm actually saving up so that sometime next year I can travel to Saitama with my fiance and finally meet his parents!

  8. But the fan museum is in Greenwich! It's at least two hours drive by bus form Trafalgar :( (The tube connection is quite difficult to get there too...)

    I wish I could come... Why there was no events like that in London when I was living there? ^^;

  9. I would love to come! Please keep me informed. Just went to the Matsuri and got so inspired.

  10. KEnchantress, I just got back from the States lol, was visiting family and friends. Where do you live in the US?

    Nela, thank you for that info. :) I'm not local to London, so I wouldn't know from the first glance. I was just looking up possible things to do, and going to Fan Museum just seemed very appropriate. :) Btw, where do you live in UK? Because our December event will be in Birmingham.

    Arianna, we would love to meet you! Please keep checking the blog and also follow our Twitter. We also have a Facebook page, just search for Kimono de Jack UK and you'll find us :)

  11. Well the fan museum could be a meeting point for future Kimono de Jack UK. We always need places to visit in kimono :)

  12. I agree :) LOL there a lot of place in London I would like to visit :)